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Have Trail, Will Travel

Your biking and hiking trails will be both fun and safe when you work with Trails Unlimited. We have more than 40 years of experience in the trail design and building industry, so we know how to optimize your paths. For your convenience, we come to your location to provide assessment, redesign, and construction services. We also teach you how to complete the work yourself, if you prefer.

Forest Trail

Blazing a Trail

Trails Unlimited employs a vast base of trail experts who have developed solutions to difficult trail design, construction, maintenance, and management situations they have encountered throughout their careers. Our veteran staff draws from this solid foundation to quickly propose proven solutions to challenges such as unstable/difficult soils (wet and arid), large retaining walls, drainage structures, tread hardening, efficient maintenance methods, and many others.

Trails Unlimited will come to your project site, field-review your needs, and consult on a course of action. If you decide to utilize our oversight services for your construction or maintenance, we enter into an agreement on the spot and schedule a date to begin our services. From that point, we will provide the necessary means to complete your project on time and on budget. The cost to oversee the trail project varies widely and can only be accurately determined by detailed descriptions, narratives, and/or site visits.

Checking Your Trail

We provide assistance with development and maintenance plans as well as trail monitoring, relocation, and redesign. With an assessment, we help you determine what is broken and what needs to be fixed. We also make recommendations for repairs and provide estimates on their costs.